Rob Watson's music is classic. From Beatles to Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews to The Band, you never quite know what to expect next. His originals are creative and kthey all have something to say. It was always a blast to play with Rob on stage and you can tell his heart is in the music."  Kyle Eric Sexton, Kyle Sexton Band ”
Rob is one of the best guitarists and vocalists I have had the pleasure of working with! when it comes to throwin' down on some Dylan, Hendrix, Beatles, and other classic blues, rock, pop and folk music, NOBODY does it better than Rob Watson--he can play in my band any day, and I'm always happy to play in his! Dr. Wayne Goins, Professor, Kansas State University”
Rob Watson has the perfect vibe for the Little Grill. His talents are not limited to amazing guitar playing.. he also has many originals that take you to your happy place. We are privileged to have such talent at our restaurant." Cathy Waite, owner Little Grill ”
Rob Watson, to me, has always been a quality player. Not only that, but a living tome of musical knowledge that I myself have tapped into many times. He has shown me worlds about being on stage, how to work a crowd, how to play as an entire unit, and last but not least, how to mesmerize the audience. Rob has helped me grow as a musician and a person over the years I've known him. His shows are always a great time, and his music is even better. I'm lucky to have gotten a chance to learn from him and play along side of him. Sam Markley, Guitarist”
EPIC" John Spitler”
Soothing"  John W. Markham III ”
Rob puts his heart and soul into every wouldn't matter to him if there was 1 or 100 people in the audience, they'd get his best every time. Chuck Kolacny (Watson & Kolacny)  ”