Rob Watson

Rob Watson - Contemporary Troubadour.

Born in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, Rob was raised in Northern Virginia during the tumultuous 1960's. As with so many others that Sunday night in February 1964, the desire to play the guitar and sing was ignited in Rob as he sat watching The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. Rob says, "It was my sister who first taught me to play guitar in 1966. My first song was House of the Rising Sun and soon I  learned to play and sing every song that caught my attention...especially songs bThe Beatles and Bob Dylan." It wasn't long before Rob started writing his own songs. Today, Rob's material ranges from songs of faith and redemption, to songs of love, hate, freedom and revolution, in styles from folk ballads to rock and blues. 

Rob has a growing catalog of songs to perform as he is constantly writing and recording. He draws inspiration from current events and life-lessons, and is always fighting for the "little guy". As his producer writes:

"Rob Watson is a true 21st Century Troubadour singing about today's issues and values. His political slant and perspective is that of the persecuted and enslaved, and is based on 'Human' rights instead of the typical liberal or conservative agenda. Rob Watson is GOOD MEDICINE!"(Steve Fansler - Producer)

Rob's music harkens back to the day when musicians sat in the same room and created know, the same way all our favorites did! His sound is organic and real with no sequencers or loops. What you get is real music with a real message delivered to you via Vinyl, CD and Online Downloads.

Sit back, listen and enjoy!